My name is Josephine Moon. I am a best-selling, internationally published author of fiction and non-fiction and I love working with beginning, emerging and returning writers. I have worked as a high school English and Film teacher, an editor, a features writer for charitable organisations, a writer of wellness content for a health company, and as a corporate communications trainer in two large engineering firms. Importantly, I'm passionate about creativity and writing with joy and helping you to unlock your potential.

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Do you dream of writing a book...

but then the reality of trying to fit it into your life hits you and you never seem to get there? Time is a writer's most precious resource but most writers are not full-time authors. Instead, they are juggling work, the kids, relationships, study, finances and All The Things. I'm here to help you to not only find the time to write but also how to grow more of it. Join this self-paced e-course and you're just four weeks away from knowing how to make your dream a reality.

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