Most writers are not full-time authors. Whether or not you’re wanting to be a professional career writer or you’re here because you have a burning desire to get a passion project done, such as writing a memoir or collating your family’s history, writers are trying to fit their writing in around other commitments like work, family, study, domestic life, childcare, exercise, health, appointments, pets, social life, ageing parents, pregnancy, volunteering, hobbies, commuting, cooking, shopping, chronic illness, sleep and All The Things.

No wonder you've been struggling to get your book done. The struggle is REAL. It's not in your head.

That's why I'm here to help.

Time Poor, No More!

Don't finish each day wishing you'd done the thing you wanted to do the most--write your book! Enrol TODAY and this four-week, self-paced course will guide you through techniques, strategies and wisdom I have acquired over more than twenty years of consistently writing books, short stories, articles and more.

I want to teach you what I've learned.

I have written while working full-time, part-time, casually, while pregnant, with a baby, a toddler and young child, while renovating a house and more. I have done it well and I have done it badly. I have learned A LOT and I want to help you realise your writing dreams just like I did. Life is too short not to!

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What's really going on in your life right now?

Where is your time really going? Sometimes, we think we know where we are spending our time but a little investigation may reveal otherwise. Knowledge is power. Uncover the truth to take your first steps into time freedom.

Would you like to grow the time you have?

Time is not static but dynamic. There's no need to reinvent the wheel. I'm not asking you to worker harder but showing you how to work smarter. Instead of finding more time, you can supersize your time by growing what you already have. Genius!

Let time nourish you, not deplete you

Do you feel like you're always running on empty?

There is no point writing your book if you are personally worse off at the end. I can show you how to learn to write sustainably.

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In Four Weeks We Will Focus On...

Your Current Time

Finding You More Time

Growing Your Time

Your Future Time

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Writing a book is your passion and it’s essential that we support our passions because when we do, it feeds our souls and nourishes our hearts.

(Hot tip: when we feed our soul we tend to have more energy and consequently a better relationship with time.)

The time is now

There is literally no other time than right now.

Rebecca Belfield-Kennedy


"I participated in Josephine Moon’s Writers Masterclass Workshop during the Horizon Arts Festival on the Sunshine Coast. As a screenwriter, I thoroughly appreciated Josephine’s knowledge of the three act film structure and how she applies it to writing a novel.  The atmosphere in the workshop was fun, with creative exercises that kept me engaged throughout the day.  I felt totally inspired and judging by the energy in the room, I know I’m not the only one!  It’s rare to find a workshop taught by someone who has so much knowledge and experience as a best-selling author, and who just so happens to be a natural teacher."

Mary-Lou Stephens

"Josephine Moon in an expert in her field but more than that, she's an expert with empathy. Whether it’s the basics of story, character and plot or the nitty gritty of goals, motivation and conflict she has all the aspects of great writing covered, and she knows how to teach these things in an entertaining and enlightening way."

Haylee Nash

(Principal, The Nash Agency)

"Josephine Moon is not only a stunning writer but an exceptional teacher. Through her classes, her students are able to tap into the senses, which is such an essential, though often lacking, part of writing. I have witnessed the transformation of her students’ writing within her classes, and the way that, after a single class, their work becomes more layered, more descriptive and more visceral. I would recommend writers of all levels and abilities to sign up to one of Josephine’s classes."

4 Weeks to Find & Grow the Time to Write Your Book

Become your own master of time, starting today.

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